Monday, July 31, 2017

Budget Supplies For Your DIY Projects

Discount supplies and materials you didn't know where only $1!  Or maybe you just needed a little reminder...

Can we all agree that the entire reason most of us begin DIY projects is because we want to save some money and make designs to our own specific needs? It's definitely not to save some time.  As a Thrifty Sister, my reasoning is usually to save a little cash.  Notice how we all brag when we find a good deal?  It's in our nature to want the best for the least, and there ain't nothin' wrong with that.

Through out all of my garage sale, thrift store, dollar bin, DIY adventures I have come to amass quite a few gems.  I have also made some mental notes on what supplies I will never pay full price for.  This post is my attempt to share this useful knowledge with some fellow thrifty sisters.  Venture on with me to get some great budget supplies and thrifty alternatives.

To begin, lets note: I LOVE dollar store posts but this is not another one of those. 

There are so many cute ideas and tutorials already out there for home décor items made from dollar store finds (I have yet to find a bad post on them!).  But to venture down a slightly different path, the list below is related to supplies or materials you need to make not only those dime store designs but also your larger DIY projects and gifts.  So read here first before you move on to those amazing Dollar Store pins!

DIY Supplies & Materials You Didn't Know They Sold at the Dollar Store:

1.) Twine
Source: Garden Therapy

I always use twine for gift wrapping but I also use it for wine bottle projects and farmhouse décor.  Even check out the tutorial from Garden Therapy on how to make this super cute twine dispenser.
Twine is everywhere, so of course you would think of checking a craft store for your crafting project, but make a pit stop to the dollar store first.  Twine can run up to $5 or more at those craft stores.
Source: DebDebsCrafts on Etsy

2.) Decorative Tape

I must confess I am not a big washi tape user but that doesn't mean none of you are.  (By the way, if you have any cool ideas for these, leave us a comment!  We love to share and spread the good word).
Below is a great pin I found from Crafts on Fire.  They compiled some great items from washi tape.  Check it out!
Source: Crafts on Fire

3.) Burlap ribbon

Burlap.  I feel I don't need to really elaborate.  Plus it's already decorated for you.
Source: Dollar Tree

4.)  Cement molds

Two weeks ago we did a post on how to create your own cement décor on a budget.  You need molds, preferably plastic in case something goes awry (because that never happens right?  ahem, nope, never!)
Source: One Hundred Dollars a Month
The dollar store has an endless supply of molds for your cement projects!  And don't restrict yourself to the plastic serving bowls either.  You can use hanging cans, Tupperware of any shape or size - this oil pan turned into the cement bowl below.  Check it out on Etsy!
Source: Dollar Tree

5.  Filler rocks & Decorative Sand

We all have those empty candle holders and mason jars that just need a little something extra.  Skip the craft or home décor store because they will charge you a bundle!  I love Target (seriously love it, I may even have a bit of an addiction with Target but I consider it one of the best problems I have), but they also charge nearly $10 for some rocks to throw in my centerpiece bowl.  Um, no thanks.  I will continue to pick up these filler items and Etsy supplies at the dollar store.  I love you for other reasons Target.  Below are just two ways to incorporate these materials.
Source: Ruffled Blog
Source: My Wedding Reception Ideas

6.)  Wire

While your still shopping at the dollar store, wander down the isle for 'floral wire'.  You can still use this for ANY project, not just flowers.
Source: Dollar Tree

I use metal wire in almost all of my projects.  I attached my metal lettering to the chicken wire for this Etsy listing.

I hang my flower pots and wind chimes up with them.  I use it on projects with thick rope to secure my knots more tightly.  I could bore you with how many times I use this stuff.  But, a Disclaimer: For some heavier projects you have to use your judgement.  Obviously go with higher grade, galvanized steel wire for more expensive projects but even then, the hardware store sells this wire for only $4.
Source: Home Depot
Your choice.  They are cheap at both places!

7.) Craft paper!

Apologies for the exclamation point but this is my new favorite thing.  I use this brown craft paper to wrap all of my sold Etsy listings (with twine - see #1).  It's super cute and super cheap.
Source: AliExpress
It even doubles as my packing paper inside the shipping box. 

If you have kids, roll it out in the backyard and let them go to town painting and making a mess.  There are so many great uses for this, you can't go wrong.
Source: Rockabye Butterfly

Now leaving the dollar store with our fantastic finds, off we go to complete our thrifty budget supply list. 

Below are some more clever spots on where you can find supplies and material that won't break your bank!

8.)  Hardware knobs

Hardware knobs and handles can be located at some thrift stores and resale shops, you just have to know where to dig!  Going to your local Salvation Army or clothing thrift store, that maybe sells a few random home items, is probably not your best bet to score good hardware.  BUT, if you can find a ReUse store or resale shop that specializes accepts donations of furniture, they usually always have bins of assorted knobs and handles.
Don't forget to search sites like Etsy too.  These vintage handles are only $2 from AngelHome. country dresser&ref=sc_gallery_1&plkey=be17a96006f78ed543bb861eb8d67eecbe0d7569:472752992
Source: AngelHome - Etsy

9.) Chicken wire
Source: Today's Creative Life

The same situation as #8 applies for chicken wire or hardware mesh.  Find the right thrift store and if your lucky, it will be there for you.  I have the best luck around springtime.  I picked up a round of chicken wire for $1 at the Ann Arbor Recycle center.  Otherwise your wallet is shelling out $20-45 for this supply.

10.) Wood scraps

I make almost all of my home décor items from scrap wood.  Yes, pallet décor is adorable, easy, and rustic.  Hopefully you know where to score some good pallets for these projects, but there are a few times where I either don't want to use pallet wood, or I just don't feel like cutting it to size.
Source: My Altered State
Wood scraps are all around, even curbside if your willing.  I actually lucked out in my corner of the universe and live down the street from a hardwood manufacturer.  They literally put out 3 or 4 bins FULL of their scraps by the roadside for free!  They used to have a sign alerting passers-by of free wood but the local community no longer needs this notice.  I probably stop here once or twice a week. If you have a store near you that specializes in building supplies, hardwood, or anything of that nature - check it out.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

11.) Paint

Most budget DIY-ers know of Oops paint, but if you don't I'm hear to inform you.
Source: The Striped House

ANY of your local hardware stores will usually have a shelf of tinted paint marked down 50% or more.  This is the paint they colored for someone else that didn't turn out right for that specific person.  However, one crafter's trash is another's treasure.  If you don't have a specific color in mind and are just in need of paint for upcoming projects, cruise on past this shelf.  Can't hurt.  And remember those ReUse thrift stores I spoke of earlier?  A lot of these stores will have used wood stain, spray paint, ceiling paint - the whole lot.  They may be used, half fun buckets but good paint lasts a long time.

To add another paint option for you, go for acrylic paint.  I have a bin full of them and use them on everything.  They usually only sell for $0.50 - $1 at craft stores or general stores (Walmart, Target, Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics...). 
Source: JoAnn
I mean really, for most projects how much paint do we really need.  These are the perfect amount to get you where you need to be.

12.)  Miscellaneous - Curbside pickups

I literally cannot fathom enough treasures or supplies found on the curb.  Yes, you have to grow some courage to get out of your car and be the 'junk collector', but I can think of worse titles to be named (or have been named ;) ), can't you?  If you're still shy about recycling and upcycling, just cruise outside of your own neighborhood. Problem solved.  For some reason my heart keeps calling to red furniture lately.  I love this flip makeover from Audry Guerra. 
Source: Pinterest
These curbsides can be small items to help you make or complete a project or they can be the actual project themselves (i.e. free dressers!).  You have nothing to be ashamed of.  Who doesn't pass up good deals?  Most people in my circle are just as broke as me, I don't think they would ever think twice about junk collecting.  If they do, they probably aren't in my circle ;).

Last but definitely not least, sign up online with your favorite stores or websites and score some really great coupons. 

Shutterfly is constantly sending discount deals to complete my saved online projects.  Some of these are family photo albums that I am too cheap to get printed, but they also shell out free magnets and stock card photos that you can apply to new DIY projects. I even get 50% Off coupons from my local craft store (Michaels) almost daily.  Try out your favorite places, see what discounts you can get.

Leave us a comment on where you score your budget supplies!  We can never have enough discount spots!

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