Monday, July 10, 2017

Welcome to my crazy diy-loving life!

Well, here we are! 

As a newcomer, not to the blogging world, but to the entrepreneur world, I want to start out by introducing myself and some of my products.  As an ecommerce artisan, I started this journey on Etsy, like so many others have (follow us at Renewed Array)!  It's the perfect way to stretch your creative wings, develop a business sense, and of course the obvious....not invest a HUGE sum of capital to begin your business (you know, the amount of start-up that would keep you up panicking at night while your kids and husband slept delightedly beside you..?). 

As a girl on a life-long budget (which usually sucks if I'm being honest, but hey, I'm trying) I am constantly searching for cheap ways to decorate my home, feel good about myself (since retail therapy is no longer a viable option), and give gifts for my loved ones when my paycheck never quite covers it.  Below are two reasons why I began this venture in the first place.  I want to be home with my kids more, they are so fun (and drive me crazy but it would be boring otherwise!).
Miss Alayna - This one's my handful but I lover her!
Our Ray-ray and my husband - so cute!
I am a mom of 2 awesome kids (Ray is 6 and Alayna is 4) and currently work 50 hrs. a week for someone else.  Can I say I hate my day job? Hmmm...I think I just did!  Coming home, sitting outside with my family 'relaxing' gets my creativity back up again. 
Side-Hustle / Fulfilling Job
After two years in our current home, I found myself running out of wall space to hang all of my repurposed finds, wooden signs, rustic picture frames, (insert farmhouse/French-country/rustic revival item here).  I found it was time to venture back to my Etsy shop.  I originally began my shop in 2015, only to throw in the towel WAY too early (but back in 2015, I was a completely different person).  After some major life moments, now at 33, I have realized I need to stop second-guessing myself, not back down, and have some faith.  I know I can do this.  Being able to create AND save money is a win-win.  Now in 2017, I have reopened my Etsy shop with new faith and a whole lot of spirit.  Below are just a few listings and décor ideas we make:

Stay tuned...

I love, love, love going to thrift stores, garage sales, and dare I say it- garbage picking? (actually, let's just call it "junk revival").  There is no limit to how a good eye and some style can renew any find.  As a full-time working mom, some days I love it, but most days I hate being away from my kids that much.  Rush home from work, make some quick dinner (cereal anyone?), rush through some agonizing homework time, get the baths ready, and rush to bed.....what a bummer.  My kids are becoming little  adults way too fast for my liking! Creating these items for my shop makes me happy, painting and spending time with the kids makes me happy (when they're not fighting or breaking things).  Why can't I find a way to join these two things somehow and still be able to pay all...or at least some...of my bills?  Anyone else thinking the same thing?!

I know you are.  That's why coming up, I will be posting DIY how-to blogs for super quick, and super cheap ways to decorate your home.  Even something you can do with the your kids running around (less they be in that 1-2 year old range where they get into everything, but even then, work it on nap time mama...queen of the multitaskers!  If only moms got paid our six-figure wage!)  So stay tuned!  As a pinterest-obessessed, DIY-loving, Fixer Upper addict, budget wise creator, and slightly crazy mother, I usually gravitate towards that rustic, country, down-home style.  Hope you do to!  See ya'll soon.

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