Monday, August 7, 2017

DIY Rustic Wire Frame

Super quick décor to add more farmhouse charm to your home (4 steps or less)!

As a Pinterest addict, I will say that looking for reclaimed wood and chicken wire frames most likely owns my highest pin count.  They are so simple and can be used in so many different ways.  These are just two of my favorite ideas from Pinterest.
Source: Confessions of a Serial DIYer via The Cottage Market
Source: MintageDesigns on Etsy

Going through my stack of reclaimed wood and broken-down pallets, I found two pieces of wood that had a natural dark stain to them already, complete with some old nail heads, and even a few natural holes  - perfect for some old rustic charm.  The only thing left to find was either some hardware mesh or chicken wire.  I still had some hardware cloth left over from another project, so thrifty reuse it always! 

Tip: I leave my hardware cloth outside to let the elements give it a natural galvanized look (as opposed to the shiny steel finish it has in the store).

I picked up my galvanized hardware mesh for ~$25 from Ace Hardware a few months ago.  For a roll of 25ft. it has lasted me countless projects and numerous wire baskets.  As a frugal girl, I didn't really want to spend this much up front, but it was well worth the money.

This was the beginnings of my frame so you have an idea what we are working towards.
I skipped the miter saw and precise 45° angled corners.  I just went for a primitive frame (time saver, remember?)!

This project only took me 3 or 4 steps to complete.  As a mom of two youngens these quick projects are my favorites!  Grab your supplies listed below and add some quick farmhouse charm to your home too!
*I have added some affiliate links below for reasonably priced supplies.  I only endorse products I use myself or know are a good deal.  Always look for deals that get the most out of your hard-earned money!


Tutorial Steps:

1.  As I said earlier, I found two boards of equal length to begin start.  From here I decided on the length of my frame (about 12 inches long).  My boards were approx. 18 in. so I marked both boards where I wanted to cut them,  plugged in my jigsaw and cut them on the spot.  I now had two - 12in. boards and two - 6in. boards.

2.  Next, line up your frame with the front side face-down.  Lay your 4 brackets down on each corner to join the four pieces together. I just used anything I had. As you can see, one bracket is slightly different but it doesn't matter since this is the back.  I'm saving more money!

Using your drill, screw these brackets into place and secure your frame.

3. Lay out the hardware cloth over the back of the frame.  Using the tinsnips, cut a piece that fits the frame leaving a slight overhang to secure in back.

4.  With you staple gun, begin stapling your cloth to the frame.

Flip over and admire.  Your done!

Now find the perfect place to hang up your creation.  Use it for a back-to-school command center.  If you get bored with that in a few months, switch it up and add some Christmas décor to it.  Have fun with it!

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