Friday, August 18, 2017

Reuse Series/ Chicken Wire Frames

This is exciting!  My first blog post for our series in which we discuss multiple options and uses for a single item in your home. Make the most of your DIY decor and your hard earned money.

I tend to get bored with my rooms pretty quickly (thank God for thrifting) and am always looking for new ways to freshen up a space.  As a thrifty sister, I need to make use of the things I already have in my home.  Needless to say, items are always moving around my house, and not from least I don't think. Since we just did a post on chicken wire frames, why not begin our series on reusing these frames  and provide you with options for your new DIY creation?!

I've used mine in both the kitchen and now in my bedroom.  By Christmas it will probably be used for holiday decorating.   So let's get crackin' and find more spots for your frame.

Here are 10 innovative ways to upcycle, recycle, and reuse your farmhouse chicken wire frame.

1.  Wreath Frames

Probably my favorite idea that I haven't used yet.  Just trying to squeeze in time to make my wreath!  Change the wreath for any season.  Double reuse!
Source: Confessions of a Serial DIYer

2. Mason Jar Holders

This particular photo is from one of my Etsy listings, but my also mimics the current state of my own rustic frame.  Moving my mason jars from the hallway and onto my frame, it now gives my bedroom a bit more of that cozy, fall feeling I was looking for.

3. Fall or Christmas Decorations

Speaking of fall, it's just around the corner.  This frame below by Home Talk is an easy way to change it up.  After fall remove the clothespins and change it up again.  Or just change your saying on the chalkboard.  Triple win.
Source: HomeTalk

And of course after Thanksgiving come my Christmas decorations.  This cute idea for displaying holiday cards comes from Pretty Designs.  Love it!

4. Picture Collage

Another super cute choice to replace standard picture frames.  Chicken wire also makes it easy to change out your pictures or dress up the frame with seasonal accents too.

5. Jewelry Organizer

Beauty Mommy nailed it on this one!  I love that little rod she uses for the bangles. I've been wanting to make a jewelry organizer for my daughter, but all shame aside, I might claim this next project as my own first.

Source: Beauty Mommy

6. Message Board / Command Center

Ugh, back to school means back to the hustle.  Yes, I'm happy to have my kids out of the house, but I am not happy about packing those school lunches again and getting two tired, stubborn little munchkins to eat breakfast before leaving the house.  A command center / message board is a must for any busy family.  This one from Little Glass Jar is almost the perfect size to fit all your back to school needs.
Source: Little Glass Jar

7. Sunglass Holder

I can't remember where I originally found this idea, but I'm glad I did!  I usually tried keeping all of my family's sunglasses "organized" in a tin can.  This would be a great idea, if we only had a two or three pairs total.  However, for some reason my kids end up with 3 or 4 pairs each. How did that happen?? Spider-Man, Ninja Turtles, Buzz Lightyear, Camo, Princess, Mini Mouse, etc.  No way was I able to keep it all together anymore.  Enter my $0.50 thrift store frame and some chicken wire.  I hang ours right by the back door and grab 'em on the way out.

8. Farmhouse Kitchen Utensil Organizer

I was going to use this space for garden utensils.  That is, until I found this pin below posted by the pinner herself.  What a cute idea for a farmhouse kitchen, or any kitchen for that matter!
Source: Pinterest

9. Vertical Succulent Planter

This has to be the absolute savviest way to display succulents.  We just recently did a post earlier last month on how to spruce up your outdoor living space on a budget.  This was probably my most favorite idea.  These succulents featured on Our Fine House blog are so colorful.  The perfect addition to any patio!

Source: Our Fine House

10. Lighting

Chicken wire is made for weaving.  Weave some LED lights through your frame for a romantic look.

Any more ideas?  We'd love to hear 'em.  Leave a comment on where you are using a chicken wire frame.

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