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Budget Fall Decorating Ideas Under $5!

Cozy fall décor - Quick and simple decorating ideas you can complete in no time!

You can create your own fall décor with almost anything laying around the house.  Use your repurposed, thrifty decorating sense and view those plain items in a whole new light.  Or if your don't posses that sense, then read this blog for some cheap ideas to help you get started! Below are 9 quick and easy ideas to give your home that cozy fall feeling on a super tight budget.

1. Paint autumn signs

Source: Night Owl Crafting

I usually clean out my junk twice a year - spring and fall.  This fall I happen to be throwing out an old dresser.  Are you doing the same for some reason?  Keep the drawers.  Not only are they a thrifty sister's upcycle dream but they are also multifunctional.  Upcycled drawers could be another blog post on its own, so today I will just mention one idea.  Take apart a drawer and paint the bottom side as a wood sign.  No dressers?  Use old planks, pallets, whatever you have.  These are so many cute ideas on fall sayings or art to paint on there.

Source: Etsy
You can even buy wood from the craft store for under $5.  I found a piece in the bottom of my closet and put it to use this season.  You can even paint glass frames from the dollar store with any autumn print that matches your style.

2.  Buy small pumpkins or gourds

Source: Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body
My grocery store sells a bag of these for $2.  This deal even beats out the dollar store.  5-8 pumpkins as opposed to only 1.  But, lets not lose focus, dollar store pumpkins are still a steal! :)
Use these any way you see fit.  These are just a few ideas but look around the house and see how you can utilize the items you already have to hold these mini decorations!

Source: Inspiring Pretty

Source: Style Your Soiree

Source: Chippy Shabby

3.  Add orange or red coloring to your decorations

Fall is a time of both vibrant and subdued colors.  Earth tones mixed with red, orange, or yellow effortlessly lend that subliminal touch of fall to any home.  Find a way to incorporate these beauti-fall colors anywhere you can.  Switch out your summer candles for red or orange cinnamon and pumpkin ones (who doesn't love that smell?), add some orange beads to your wreaths, or buy some sunflowers!

Source: Etsy - ElegantWreath

Source: Top Inspired

4. Pull out those comfy wool blankets

It automatically lends a feeling of comfort.  Buy blankets in neutral tones (to be used well beyond fall) and then spruce them up with some cheap, seasonal-inspired throw pillows.  This pin from xx is my dream porch.  Ahhh, rocking in those chairs with some cider and donuts!

Source: Sutton Place
Source: Opulent Cottage

5.  Collect acorns or pine cones from your yard

Don't spend a fortune on these fillers if you don't have to!  Look around your yard or while you're out on a walk and pick these puppies up.  They look great in dollar store vases or lanterns.  Place them in bowls for beautiful centerpieces.  You can even keep the pine cones in mind for your Christmas decorations that are just around the corner!

Source: Intimate Weddings

Source: Happiness is Homemade

Source: What's Ur Home Story

6.  Decorate with corn kernels

I always see these used as vase fillers but if you are super crafty and can imagine up some more ideas for these then go for it.  They only cost you a few bucks from your grocery isle.

Source: Rooted in Love

Source: Amanda Jane Brown

7. Use your own leaves

I'm a Midwest girl.  This may not work for all of us, but if your unfortunate soul is blessed with long cold winters, then that means your also blessed with vibrant, colorful fall leaves.  Try to grab them up before they become crispy and use them for decoration.   I love this idea below.

Source: Home Bunch

8.  Paint mason jars - of course

When don't you think of using painted jars?  They are so easy.  You can switch out colors depending on the season.  Use brown or white all year and pair with red, yellow, or orange for a pop of color.  It gives you the hint of fall without stating it overtly.
Source: Knot and Nest Designs
Source: Etsy

9.  Decorate with fall blossoms - mums & wheat

Buy some natural fall, seasonal plants that invoke the feeling of comforting days by the fire.  Mums are pretty cheap and most craft stores will always have wheat on sale.  So cute!

Source: Just A Girl

Source: Delightfully Noted

Source: Oh My! Creative

As always, look for things you already have laying around the house to give you that jump start and save your budget.  That way you can alter them the way you need to for each season.  Happy Fall y'all!

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